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I've got a lot to show you. 

My name is Carrie. I can show you that you are not broken after betrayal trauma, and teach you tools to heal your body.

Is coaching right for you?

Do you struggle with anxiety or the inability to calm your mind?

Do you feel broken?

Are you constantly looking for distractions to avoid your emotions?

Are you struggling with depression or feelings of helplessness since discovery of your partner's betrayal?

Are you looking for tools to feel more grounded and connected to yourself?

Are you ready to feel whole again?


Sound familiar? Then keep reading. 

Coaching Includes:

45 minute coaching session

Zoom session to support you and equip you with the tools to reconnect and ground your body


Learn how your mind and body have been impacted by trauma. Come to know you are not broken and don't need to be fixed, but are wounded and need healing.


Receive resources, homework, and tools to support you and your healing journey outside of our sessions

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I am trained as a Trauma Specialist, but am not a licensed therapist. I strongly encourage you to seek professional therapeutic treatment in conjunction with my coaching for optimal support.